About Us

Located at the University of British Columbia, within the Department of Civil Engineering, the
Bureau of ITS & Freight Security Engineering (BITSAFS-Eng.) Research Program was initiated in
2007 to conduct ITS-related research in the area of goods movement. Specifically, the Bureau's
research focus is on the application of goods movement research and intelligent transportation
systems technologies to promote secure, safe, efficient, and competitive freight movement through
the region, province, country, and across national borders.

The goals of BITSAFS-Engineering are to:

  • Investigate, research, develop, and showcase ITS-related applications that support local
    and national freight security, safety, and efficiency goals;

  • Establish a national ITS centre for the research of goods movement at UBC; and

  • Train and develop students into High-Quality Personnel to support local and national
    economic and industry development goals.